Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are there separate lifts that cater for raw and cooked food?

A1. Yes, there are separate lifts to cater for Raw and Cooked Food.

Q2. Any restriction for type of food factory to operate?

A2. No restriction, subject to the tenant’s licensing approval by AVA or other authorities

Q3. Is there a need to apply for the permit every three years on usage as food factory?

A3. Our project is located in the food zone area. The written permit by URA for this building is for food factory. No other industrial business will be allowed in this food factory.

Q4. What is the width of the driveway?

A4. The width of the Ramp is approximately 7.2 m. For Level 1, the width of the driveway is 9m and for Levels 2 – 10, the width of the driveway is 7.5 m.

Q5. Is there a Loading Bay platform?

A5. Yes, 1 number of 20 footer loading & un-loading bay is provided with loading and un-loading area. Dock Leveller is provided.

Q6. Is there container accessibility to front of the unit?

A6. Only 1st storey can be accessed by 20 footer container trucks or 7.5m rigid frame vehicles. The 2nd floor and above can be accessed by van, cab-star and refrigerator trucks

Q7. Is there a height barrier control at ground level before before ramp up?

A7. Yes, It is 3.3 m height limit

Q8. What is the type of Parking System?

A8. It is ERP hourly parking

Q9. What is the type of ventilation for the Lift Lobby?

A9. Mechanical Ventilation

Q10. What is the provision for waste disposal?

A10. There is a designated bin point for each unit at 1st Storey. There is a dedicated waste disposal (Bin Room) provided in each unit at 2nd ~ 10th storey.

Q11. What is the refuse chute hopper dimension?

A11. The estimated hopper dimension is 400 mm width x 350 mm height. The estimated chute inner lining dimension : 600 mm x 600 mm (stack 03 & 04) and 800 mm x 800 mm. 

Q12. Number of floor trap & Drainage System?

A12. One floor trap will be provided in each unit. It is a drop of 75mm in the unit from the loading & un-loading area. Normally users will raise the floor and to design their own production flow and drainage.

Q13. Grease trap allocation in the unit?

A13. There is a dedicated sampling sum for each unit located in the chamber. 

Q14. Is Kitchen Exhaust Duct provided and will it be drawing the air inwards or outwards?

A14. Yes, Kitchen Exhaust Duct will be provided and dedicated from each individual unit to roof with cap off for tenant’s connection at high level. It will draw the air outwards.