Floor Plans

CT FoodChain is able to support top-of-the-line cold room facilities so that your products are stored in a controlled temperature environment. There are also separate lifts for raw and cooked food to keep cross contamination at bay.

First Storey - CT FoodChain

The Grand Mezzanine is a ground floor unit equipped with both a mezzanine and a 6.825m floor to floor height. It is the only unit that can be accessed directly from the building foyer.

Second Storey - CT FoodChain

The Premier Mezzanine units are located on the 2nd and 3rd storeys. These units offer flexibility in use with their open plan space and spacious mezzanine layout.

Third Storey - CT FoodChain
Fourth and Fifth Storey - CT FoodChain

Classic Module units are available across 5th to 9th storeys and offer all the essentials of an F&B industrial space and can be configured to your specific requirements.

Sixth to Seventh Storey - CT FoodChain
Eighth to Ninth Storey - CT FoodChain

Sky Modules are located on the 4th and 10th storeys of the building. They are built with soaring floor to floor heights of 6.825m and 7m respectively to create an airy, ventilated space.

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